Sunday, 27 November 2011


Sometimes I wonder why I have so much nostalgia for the 60s. Is it the fact that most of my musical heros herald from this era? Is it because everything was just so damn cool back then in swinging London and Andy Warhol's New York? This morning I realised the real reason why I find myself tearing up when I watch anything 60s related (pathetic isn't it?). It's because today I feel like I have no freedom. Contrary to what we're made to believe, that everything is so good now, racism isn't the problem it was, men and women can generally do the same jobs without there being an issue, Britain seems to be a pretty safe place to live and the majority of young people seem to be in education. But here's the thing, when it comes to breaking the mould, to being a bit rebellious, going against the shackles of society no one wants to speak up. When you walk down a British high street, even in London where eclectic street style is supposed to rein, you see mothers and daughters dressed the same, the same pair of worn UGGS, the same bland, beige ensemble, the same oversized hoody and leggings combo. Where is the originality? What is there to define the youth of today? 

My main issue is with the education system where all young people are forced to consider going onto higher education. Apart from those who manage to slip through the net, usually just because they are considered trouble makers, it seems that teenagers are brainwashed into thinking that in order to make a success of their lives they must go to university. It doesn't matter which university, which course or their reasons for going, they have to go otherwise they will be deemed failures by their peers, their parents, their teachers and most importantly by their future employers. 

I have never wanted to go to university even though I was considered intelligent and academic at school and finished with a very good set of GCSEs and A Levels. In the end though I allowed myself to be pushed into it. I did a foundation diploma in art and design for a year which for me was a highly valuable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I then progressed onto my fashion degree despite my reservations and gut feeling that this wasn't what I wanted. I have almost completed my first semester but already my doubts are starting to raise their ugly heads. Having being here just two months, my worries about disliking the stereotypical student lifestyle have already been confirmed. I only have lectures two days a week. The rest of the time is supposed to be for independent work which basically involves cutting and sticking. I wonder how this will help me get a job especially when I have been turned down for numerous part time shop jobs because of a lack of experience, something a degree will not enable me to gain.

I suppose the reason I've written this and rambled on for so long is because I want to know other people's opinions. Should I stick with the degree even though I'm becoming increasingly frustrated and just want to get out into the real world, or should I drop out and embrace some of the sixties free spirit that I know I have somewhere deep within me?

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