Sunday, 18 December 2011


I started this blog over a month ago to act as a sort of release for me. I wanted it to be my safe place in a way, somewhere where I could be myself. I'm annoyed that I haven't been using it in this way and I hate the fact that I've been such a bad blogger. I'm placing a lot of the blame on myself but also on my uni deadlines and the fact that I'm living in such a horrible little student bubble. My life just doesn't seem real, every day passes with very little happening. I'm not one of those people that enjoys 'extreme' drinking so in student land I'm not sure I really fit in. I'm going home on Monday though and have never been so excited, I'll be back in the south and will once again have London on my doorstep. I'm hoping that being back will re-ignite some passion within me and that I'll start to feel a little more fulfilled. Fingers crossed. 

ANYWAY, inspiration time! For the past couple of weeks I've been listening to Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights pretty much on repeat. Being a massive fan of the novel, the song does so much to me and just transports me back in time to those wild Yorkshire moors. I can't say I'm generally a big Kate Bush fan when it comes to her music but she has got a certain mystifying style that I can't ignore. These are stills from her video for Wuthering Heights, she looks slightly unhinged but the effects are undeniably beautiful and other worldly. 

 And those wild eyes....


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